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Thailand game industry has been growing rapidly over the last 12 years. Future Gamer not only witnessed this growth but is in fact an integral part of it.

From 1996, when we launched the first issue of Future Gamer, our goal and effort has been “to connect game lovers to the greatest sources of information on games around the world”. Our enthusiasm has transformed into the enjoyment of our audience, and became the basis for our success as a publisher. When the needs of our audience grow, we not only provide them with magazines that serve their specific needs, but also gradually expand to other media such as weekly magazines, guide books, websites, TV programs and our latest venture can be reach via your mobile phone. Our expertise and enthusiasm are always at the core of our formula when producing contents in each media. It is this formula that propels everyone of our outlets to the number one spot in Thailand.

In 2008, Future Gamer aims to be the fastest and most effective means for the game publishers to connect with the gamers and vice versa. As a part of game industry, we know we can do more than selling contents. The industry is growing, the demand is diversifying, and the behavior of the game players is changing, so Future Gamer is expanding channels and networks to capture the ever-changing landscape of game business. As the result, the service we are able to provide through our media is not limited to just information, but is in fact a total solution on game business across our full range of mediums. Guess what? We won’t stop here. If the game industry does not stop demanding, we will not stop providing.

Mana Prapakamol Chief Executive